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To start developing with IvyVisual, you need to get the source code. This can be done i various ways.
Either download it as a zip package at the page. Or you can choose to checkout this by using a Team explorer or Subversion client.

It does not matter where you check out this, it should compile anyway.
After the checkout is done and the solution compiles, you need to add an .Addin file to your Addins directory.

This is to be able to run the plugin you'r just tweaking. By copying the IvyVisual.Addin which is location in the IvyVisual project to this directory and update the <Assembly>IvyVisual.dll</Assembly> path, you should be able to run this.
The path to the assemlby should be an absolute path, could be C:\IvyVisual\IvyVisual\bin\IvyVisual.dll or whereever you checked it out.

The next Visual Studio instance you now open will automatically load the plugin which you are editing.

Please feel free to contribute!

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