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Project and modules structure

An example of an structure of the ivy modules is available at the source code repository. Please check it out to be able to understand.

As seen in the image below all modules is in a plain structure. In other words ModuleA, ModuleB, ModuleC is located at the same level in a folder called C:\Modules.
This image also shows that the ivy.xml is located at the same level as the project and solution files.
There is also a folder called Dependencies, this is the whats usualy in the java world called libs. This directory holds the dependencies retrieve from ivy. In this case it's grouped by Dependencies/organisation/module/artifact.ext

When creating a new project, it is a demand that "Create directory for solution" is unchecked as seen in the image below. When this checkbox is unchecked both the solution and the project file will exist in the same directory.

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